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Returns and replacements



The Complains Procedure provides for claims of faulty goods purchased from Softland sp. z o.o. within a maximum period of 12 months from the purchasing date.


The claimed product must be delivered to Softland's Complains Department :

  1. Complete, i.e. including all elements of the purchased set
  2. Addresser of parcel must be Complaints Department of Softland
  3. At the Customer's expense


Complaints will be dealt with within:

  1. 14 working days if the RMA procedure is followed ( see § 4)
  2. 30 working days in other cases


Before sending the parcel with the faulty goods, the Customer should:

  1. Send a complaint through the website (only for logged-in customers). I.e. directly from client panel through the form, select the goods to be claimed, choose the quantity of the claimed goods and describe the defect or report complain by e-mail, phone or instant messenger directly to the account manager.
  2. Deliver the parcel at your own expense or deliver it in person.
  3. All correspondence can be sent to the following address: Softland's complaint form ( downloadable from the account manager ) should be enclosed.
  4. Wait for a change of status in the B2B panel or assigning an RMA number - it will be sent by email within 2 working days of receiving the notification by the Complaints Department.
  5. Address the package clearly stating that it is to be sent to the Complaints Department


The Claims Department each time shall verify the correctness of the sent products and documents with the data included in the claim protocol referred to in § 4 a) If any inconsistencies are found, the claim shall be considered within the time limit specified in § 3 b)


The Claims Department each time shall test the goods in order to confirm the reported defect.


The complaint processing time may be prolonged in the case of the necessity to send the goods back to the manufacturer.


Complaints are not subject to:

  1. Factory features of the advertised product
  2. Goods whose warranty period has expired
  3. Mechanical, thermal and chemical damage to the casing, elements and subassemblies
  4. Damages resulting from faulty operation, assembly, exploitation, storage and handling of the product (voltage, temperature, humidity) as well as from acts of God, natural disasters (fire, flood and other accidents)
  5. Damages resulting from the use of the product contrary to the instructions and its intended use
  6. Natural signs of wear and tear of the product caused by its use
  7. Claims not accompanied by the required documents
  8. Damages of goods which occurred or may occur as a result of improper protection during transport from the Customer to the Complaint Department


Complaints will not be considered if :

  1. The goods were not purchased from Softland Ltd.
  2. The consignment was not accompanied by the appropriate documents
  3. Have been made attempts to repair or modify the goods themselves


The product delivered to the Claims Department must meet basic hygienic conditions. Otherwise the complaint shall be rejected and the goods returned to the Customer.


After the product has been repaired, it shall be returned to the Customer in the same packaging in which the Customer returned it. It is not possible to exchange the packaging for a new one.


Softland's complaint department reserves the right to request documents proving that the goods under complaint were purchased.


In the case of refusal to accept or/and to repair a product, the product will be sent back to the customer in the same condition in which it was delivered to Softland's Complaint Department, together with a written explanation of the decision.


Parcels which are not secured with Softland's branded tape or that are damaged or tampered with should not be received and and this fact should be reported on the damage report in the presence of the courier.

Any complaints regarding loss or damage as well as delays in delivery must be made in `writing within 7 days of the receipt of the parcel or, in the case of failure to provide a service, from the expected date of service. Within 14 days.

Copies (scans) of the damage report written in the front of courier and pictures of the parcel and the list of losses should be immediately sent to the account manager in order to implement further complaint procedure with the carrier.

Only complaint made in writing will be considered.

Possible correction documents will be issued only after the carrier clarifies the status of the complaint.