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Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

  1. The Softland sp. z o.o B2B internet platform, located on the web at enables purchases via the Internet only to operators
    It is owned by Softland sp z o.o. with its registered office at ul. Pancerniaków 4a in Lublin.
    VAT ID: 946-00-04-257,
    KRS: 0000121192
    Phone No. +48 81 4410221.
  2. Prices of goods at online store are presented in Polish zloty or Euro (depending on the country of origin of the logged-on customer) and do not include VAT (are net prices).
  3. Placing an order at the above platform implies acceptance of the provisions of these Terms and conditions.

The registration procedure and Customer login

  1. Access to some shop functions, such as pricing, availability, ordering is possible only for registered Users.
  2. Service User may be the owner or employee of the Company, referred to as a Customer.
  3. For registration it is necessary to fill out the registration form, and then send it to the Administrator by clicking the Sign Up button.
  4. After positive verification by our staff, the User will be sent a password to access the website via E-mail - at the address indicated in the registration form.
  5. As part of the verification procedure of the Customer, our employee may request for copies of Company documents.
  6. After receiving the password, the Customer can log into the store by entering his e-mail address as the Username and password sent to him via email
  7.  To log out, it is necessary to click the Sign Out button in the upper right corner of the page.

Procedure for the submission and execution of orders

  1. The email address specified by the User during the registration process shall be used as a login for the implementation of the orders.
  2. Orders shall be made via the, or website.
  3. Completion of an order begins at the moment of its generation during the acceptance of the order at the last step of the procedure.
  4. Orders placed on weekdays after 12 AM, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays will be processed the next working day.
  5. In the event of circumstances that fully or temporary prevent the execution of the order, SOFTLAND Sp. z o.o. reserves the right to suspend the execution of the order - on which it will immediately notify the Customer.
  6. The Customer may introduce changes into his order or withdraw it by sending an e-mail to his Account Manager. Softland Spółka z o.o. reserves the right to additional confirmation.
  7. Price of each product is valid at the time of order. The invoice or receipt in printed form shall be issued and attached to the consignment.
  8. The order processing time shall be up to 48 hours. This is the time that elapses from the order confirmation or crediting the Company's account until the first batch of the goods ordered is sent. In exceptional cases, this period may be extended, on which the Customer shall be informed individually. time of delivery = order processing time + delivery time.
  9. Order statuses: in order to facilitate the execution of the contract, the online shop introduces 4 order statuses that indicate the status of order processing and which shall be sent to the Customer's email address (given at registration).
  10. In case of not picked up shipments, we count the additional charge for transport back and forth, according to the carrier's tariff. Invoice will be send in 7 days. It concerns also shipments where free transport is ensured by the Seller.
  11. When choosing the bank transfer payment method, money should be directed to the account No.:

Softland sp. z o.o.

Pancerniaków 4A 

20-331 Lublin

For payment in PLN:

Spółdzielczy Bank Powiatowy Piaski
81 8689 0007 0011 3348 2000 0010

For payment in EUR:

Spółdzielczy Bank Powiatowy Piaski
PL 26 8689 0007 0011 3348 2000 0030

NOTE: The completion value may vary slightly from the value of the order, therefore the payments should be made only after receipt of a VAT invoice from the Account Manager.

  1. In the absence of the ordered goods, the shop will immediately inform the Customer on the possible term of order completion
  1. In case when only a part of the goods ordered is absent at the shop - upon the Customer's request, the shop shall send the currently available goods or realize the whole order at a later date - of course with the Customer's approval - at the applicable shipping costs detailed in the "Shipping and payment" paragraph".
  1. No responsibility shall be taken by the Company for the delays caused by faulty operation of transport companies.

License agreement for used photos

We would like to inform you about the introduction of the license agreement regarding the use of SoftLine Collection brand applications for transactions with photos.

The contract can be downloaded from this link.

Please fill it in and send the signed copies (2 pcs) to the company's address.

If you have questions about contacting a sales representative.